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Welcome to Piedmont Oaks Dental, Your Dentist in Piedmont, CA

Piedmont Oaks Dental is a family-friendly dental office in Piedmont, California. We are conveniently located on Grand Avenue with plenty of parking and offer comfortable, quality, and convenient dental care to children and adults alike. By offering a wide spectrum of dental treatments we make it easy for you to get all of your dental care completed in one place.

We want your visit to the dentist to be comfortable. Whether its during a procedure, discussing treatment plan options or visiting our office for the first time, we want you to feel safe knowing that your comfort is our top priority. We believe that by taking the time to understand your goals and needs we can make your experiences in our office enjoyable.

We make the uttermost effort to provide you with the best service possible by using proven materials and methods delivered to you through refined and cutting edge practices. Continually mastering our craft through training and continuing education, we are expertly equipped to deliver consistent quality care to our patients.

From reserved parking spots to same day appointments, we make dentistry convenient for you. We pride ourselves on removing any barriers that may keep you from achieving and maintaining your optimum dental health. By offering a wide spectrum of dental procedures you and your family are able to come to one place to have all of your dental needs satisfied.

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  • Invisalign®

    Invisalign's® invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners will give you the beautiful straight teeth you've always wanted. And best of all, no one can tell you're wearing them. Invisalign® is great for adults and teenagers. What is Invisalign®? Invisalign® is the invisible way to straighten your ...

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  • Veneers

    Teeth that are badly stained, shaped or crooked may be improved by a veneer placed on the surface of the affected teeth. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or plastic cemented over the front of your teeth to change their color or shape. Veneers are used on teeth with uneven surfaces or are chipped, ...

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  • Fillings

    Frequently asked questions: dental fillings Are dental amalgams safe? Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to amalgam? Is it true that dental amalgams have been banned in other countries? Is there a filling material that matches tooth color? If my tooth doesn't hurt and my filling is still in ...

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  • Sealants

    Sealants are liquid coatings that harden on the chewing surfaces of teeth and are showing a great deal of effectiveness in preventing cavities—even on teeth where decay has begun. The pits and grooves of your teeth are prime areas for opportunistic decay. Even regular brushing sometimes misses these ...

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  • Overview

    Pain can occur in any number of places in your mouth: teeth, gums, roots, the palate, tongue and jaw. Cavities are a common culprit causing pain. Untreated cavities can impact nerves because of infections of the tooth and gums. Impacted and abscessed teeth and sore jaws from teeth grinding are other ...

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  • Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Patient

    Patient Rights You have a right to choose your own dentist and schedule an appointment in a timely manner. You have a right to know the education and training of your dentist and the dental care team. You have a right to arrange to see the dentist every time you receive dental treatment, ...

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  • Toothaches

    Simple toothaches can often be relieved by rinsing the mouth to clear it of debris and other matter. Sometimes, a toothache can be caused or aggravated by a piece of debris lodged between the tooth and another tooth. Avoid placing an aspirin between your tooth and gum to relieve pain, because the dissolving ...

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  • Introduction

    Does mercury in the silver fillings in your mouth pose any long-term health risks? Does fluoride, in spite of everything we've been told since childhood, actually cause more harm than good? What does the latest research reveal about tobacco use on your overall oral health? This section is dedicated ...

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  • Medications

    Some dental procedures, such as tooth extractions and oral surgery, may call for our office to prescribe medications before or after a procedure. These medications are used to prevent or fight an infection, or to relieve any post-operative discomfort and pain. For these reasons, it is extremely important ...

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  • Your First Dental Visit

    Your first dental visit promises to be a pleasant experience. Making sound decisions about your dental care and oral health is an easy thing to do with the right preparation beforehand: Make a list of questions to ask our office, so you don't forget anything on the day of your appointment. This ...

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "ALL of the fine folks at Piedmont Oaks are wonderful! Love to see Angie's smiling face when we walk in. She is on top of everything, I can tell. Ronnie is great, so organized and professional, well they both are! Tricia has got the patience of Job, dealing with me for a cleaning. She does such a great job, even hand scraping for me, such a lovely sweet person! Of course, these ladies make Dr. Guerisoli look good (I have proof that he is anyway)."
    Ann B.
  • "This office never fails to impress me! I had several fillings done at once and Dr. G and his assistant made the procedure as quick and painless as possible while providing quality work and answering my questions along the way (I love learning about other people's work!). One of the things that is absolutely important to me is knowing that Dr. G will be quick to respond when I let him know an area isn't numbed enough (this is not unusual for me). And to build upon that, he is very good at making the numbing injections as painless as possible. Last, I'd like to give a shout out to the ladies in the front office who make understanding your treatment plan and the associated billing (what insurance covers and what to expect to pay out-of-pocket) all so easy to understand. This is a fantastic office with a great team of people who work together seamlessly!"
  • "I had a very pleasant visit to Piedmont Oaks Dental. The staff and Dr. Guerisoli were very professional and explained all the procedures thoroughly. I would highly recommend them."
  • "Great staff! Dr. Guerisoli and Alan make going to the dentist almost like a spa treatment. They are experts. They are patient and interested in you having a good dental experience. The front office team is friendly and welcoming. Overall, they provide a comfortable dental experience!"
    Donna S.
  • "The appointment was for my regularly scheduled cleaning and check-up. As usual, Trish did a stellar job cleaning & polishing up my teeth, as did Dr. Guerisoli with his careful & very thorough examination. I was delighted to hear I wouldn't need to be seen again until my next regular check-up. I feel that my dental care is in good hands at Piedmont Oaks Dental."
    Rosalind G.
  • "I have been a loyal client for a long time. Tricia is the friendliest person and we always have a lot to share. She does such a great job cleaning my teeth and giving good cleaning advice. My dentist is a young man but seems very wise. When you enter the office, you are greeted with a smile. You feel welcome and know you will be taken care of. I live in the neighborhood so it's an easy walk. They have appointments as early as 8a. This place is the kind you can trust."
  • "Super friendly and responsive staff, everyone seems concerned about your well being. It’s so easy to schedule and reschedule appointments, text message reminders, email notifications. Love the technology used to show me exactly what I should and shouldn't be concerned with regarding my mouth."
    Frank A.
  • "POD fit me in for an appointment right away, was seen on time, received a comprehensive exam and good recommendations for follow-up."
  • "Had a smooth experience, all members of the staff were friendly and made me feel comfortable. They made it easy to understand what I needed done and were very efficient."
    Julian P.
  • "Excellent service. This is a great place to come if you want excellent dentistry and you happen to be a little uneasy about going to the dentist. They are great and make sure you are comfortable throughout the process"
    Donna S.